I started blogging on this topic on engineering.com but realized that not all of my posts were being previewed in some blog readers. I guess that some blog sites want you to actually go to their site so they can claim hits. Whatever….

Anyway, I have another blog on wordpress called americansoccer (americansoccer.wordpress.com) and I enjoyed the tools that wordpress offers and you can see the whole blog entry in blog readers (like google reader). So…here I am!

Anyway, this blog will be about technology. I am primarily a java developer and I primarily develop applications for the web. But, my job entails a whole lot more than just banging out code now and then. So, I decided to start blogging about my more interesting experiences that I have figured out. Mainly so that I can refer back to my own work but also so that someone else may benefit from it. I’ll try to stay on topic but…no promises. Sometimes these issues get pretty nasty!  😉


2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Raghavan says:

    Hey, came here from http://java.dzone.com/news/load-balance-your-web-applicat.

    Seems to be a very cool one. You can take my visits for granted :).

    Keep up the great work.

    Raghavan alias Saravanan M.

    • jkilgrow says:

      I’m glad you liked it!

      I am actually working on another post along this same topic. I have found out some more information that you may be interested in. So, stay tuned!

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