Chrome 4 + Extensions!!

Woo hoo! It’s finally here! Not only is Chrome 4 faster and more reliable, but it has even more to be excited about: extensions! Also known as plugins! Now you can have your delicious bookmarks from one click! How about a cleaner, cooler gmail interface? Do you need google documents to look like they would on your desktop? There’s an extension for that! Google Wave, gmail, docs, tasks, calendar? All in one seamless plugin! Not only that, but there are html 5 hooks too! Check out the youtube html 5 plugin! No more flash!

I once vowed to relinquish my firefox and IE browsers when Chrome got plugins (extensions…whatever…). Well, that day is today!

Some of my online friends have bashed me a bit for not evaluating the beta. Well…I DID for a very short time and it gave me fits! But it looks like they have ironed out the bugs in version 4 and…I LIKE IT!! I suppose I will know more later but, at this time, I don’t see me ever going back!

Once again, Google turns out a stunning product! Good work Google!


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  1. MaxInHat says:

    good article. thanks.

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