Your Application Is *NOT* Lightweight If:

Thank you Adam Bien!!

1. You already know what ThreadLocal is (and used that extensively).
Me: I could NOT agree more!!! Amen! Put it to bed!

2. You see transaction management in the application code (an annotation, however is not perfect, but o.k.)
3. You have to deal with EntityManagerFactory and EntityTransaction in your code
4. Your XML-configuration doesn’t fit on a single page any more
Me: Or worse, you don’t know how to include XML files in other XML files!

5. Your solution cannot be handled without extensive tooling
6. You spend some time for convincing other developers, that your solution is actually lightweight 🙂
Me: Interesting how that happens. Who are they trying to convince? 🙂

7. You are in the process of replacing existing frameworks with your “lightweight” POJOs and hope the result will be easier, lighter and better maintainable
Me: Exactly! Ugh. When I see this I want to kill myself.

8. You forgot the name and purpose of the layers
Me: If this happens then you get what you deserve! Too bad for the poor schmuck who has to come behind you!

9. The number of interfaces is equal or greater, than the number of classes, and you need naming conventions to deal with that
Me: This makes me really, really angry. And you went to engineering school for THAT?!

10. The deployment size of your application archive (WAR) is greater, than the installation size of your “lightweight” server (like tomcat)
Me: Yep. Probably cause by a third party library. Probably Axis2!

Thanks again, Adam. Once again, you are right on target!


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