Possible Conspiracy?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Apple, Oracle, and Google and all of the misery and nonsense that seems to be surrounding these mega-companies. Now, maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura”, but it seems to me that some of these things that are going on right now seem to be a little coincidental.

For instance, we all know how much attention Google was getting with their Android phones prior to Oracle’s lawsuits. They even had plans to create a full-blown laptop OS from that platform. Well, let’s just say for the sake of paranoia that Oracle and Apple get together to discuss this Johnny-come-lately of a company. The conversation might have gone something like this:

Apple: I’m sure you wonder why I’ve invited you here today.
Oracle: The thought has crossed my mind, yes.
A: Well, the truth is, this upstart Google is starting to cause me grief in the mobile market and now it looks like they are going to start encroaching on my netbook market and, possibly, my laptop market. Frankly, I’m a little worried about it.
O: Two questions: 1. Why should I care? 2. What do you expect me to do about it?
A: Here’s my proposition: You sue Google for patent and copyright infringement for Java. Make up something that is juicy enough to get the world’s attention but is far fetched enough that nobody will believe it but the courts have to pay attention to it.
O: I like it so far!
A: Then, I will ban Java from all of my computing devices. I will simply deprecate it. The Java developers will certainly feel the pinch because they are in love with my laptops.
O: Okay…then what?
A: After you win your lawsuits and collect zillions of dollars from Google and leave them in a state of chaos, then, you and I announce to the world that we have come to an agreement for having Java on certain Apple devices. Google is left out in the cold. They can’t develop their Android platform because you will own it. With our new agreement, Apple will remove the ban on Java on these new Apple devices and allow the Android platform to continue under bot of our watchful eye. Both of us will be the heroes of the day and Google will sink slowly into oblivion!
O: That’s brilliant! Let’s do it!

Ok. Maybe not in quite those words. But what if…it really has to make you wonder if there is something going on between Oracle and Apple to deflate and destroy Google. I just think the timing is a bit ironic that it seems the perfect storm has arisen that will seem to sink Google. Lawsuits and allegations that Google copied code directly. Lawsuits going on among Android device companies. Apple supposedly leaving Java behind. It just smells bad all the way around, don’t you think?


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