Java Web Application Frameworks

I recently came across this blog post on the topic of the “Best 5 Java web application frameworks”:

The list is the author’s top 5 favorite Java web application frameworks so I would, naturally, expect the list to be completely subjective. While I disagree with the order of the list (naturally, my list would be subjective as well 🙂 ), I agree that 4 of the 5 listed are in the top 5.

The one framework that I found surprising that made the list is JBoss Seam. I haven’t really heard anything about that for a couple of years. The one thing I remember that I liked about Seam was the Conversation context that it introduced and that I thought would have been a compelling reason for Seam to take off, but, as far as I can tell, never did. Unfortunate.

The one framework that I found surprising that did not make the list was JavaEE. Especially with the new version that is, now, very lightweight and streamlined for enterprise and web application development. I found it a little curious that it did not make the list. Hmmm…

With that said, I now give my own list of my top 5 favorites in order of preference. I would like to preface this list by saying how difficult I found it to choose between #1 and #2 and the reason I put Spring MVC at #1 is because that is where I have more experience than with JavaEE6. However, I fully anticipate that to change as I write more systems in JavaEE6. I have started seeing a lot of bloat in the Spring space lately and I don’t necessarily like what I’m seeing.

1. Spring MVC
2. JavaEE 6
3. JSF 2
4. Wicket
5. Struts 2


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