Senior Developer’s Challenge

I was going through my email this morning…through all of the typical “trade rags” that I get:

  • bitpipe
  • serverside
  • java blogs daily

I really enjoyed the Javalobby article by Arpit Mandliya on the Observer Design Pattern. Check it out. It is really thorough and is, I think, a really under-appreciated pattern.

Anyhoot…it got me thinking about how much I miss being in code all day/every day as a part of my job (my job as a senior developer is to develop/coach junior developers how to be better developers, NOT coding… 😦 ). And that got me thinking about a challenge I got from one of my mentors (like a hundred years ago!) to “learn a new language every year”. WOW! Now THAT was FUN!!

So, I decided to take up that challenge again this year and make it one of my “personal growth” goals for the year. 🙂 Now I just need a new language…or even an aspect of a language that I already know…to work on. Here is my mental list:

  • JavaFX
  • JSF
  • JavaScript (ok…I would have to RE-learn this)
  • Objective C
  • JavaEE

By the way…I don’t consider DSL’s (Domain Specific Languages) and uber scripting langues like Ruby, Grails, and PHP “languages”. Sorry…just my personal opinion.

So, anyone out there who might read my blog, what do you think? I’m sort of leaning toward JavaScript…but I’m open to suggestions.


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